For centuries Edinburgh has been front and centre of innovation and discovery, attracting and nurturing the greatest thinkers, scientific minds, pioneers and intellectuals who have driven forward progress, shaping the world we live in today. Some of our most well-known discoveries include carbon dioxide, chloroform anaesthesia, Hepatitis B vaccine, the Higgs boson, the ATM and, of course, Dolly the sheep.

Scotland’s capital continues to build on this tradition, establishing an international reputation in sectors such as life sciences, energy, technology, education, finance and the creative industries. The University of Edinburgh plays a pivotal role here, not only as one of the world’s top research-intensive universities, but also by championing collaboration and engagement with wider academia, businesses, policy makers and charities.

We work closely with academic colleagues across the university to attract and host conferences from across the globe.  We actively recognise the value of bringing together experts to present, discuss and interrogate latest research as society strives for solutions to complex challenges.

The strength and breadth of the Edinburgh knowledge economy coupled with our diverse venue portfolio and event management services, makes the University of Edinburgh Hospitality & Events Collection the ideal solution for conferences, corporate meetings and events.

Further information on the University of Edinburgh’s research areas